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General Knowledge

History of Dolls Houses

From 16th Century Cabinets to Modern Miniatures

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Learn about miniature scales and dolls house measurements

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Essential Tools

Comprehensive guide for all your tool requirements

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Choosing a Dolls House

Offering a helping hand in the search for your dream dolls house

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Lighting and Wiring

Wired Lights

Learn how to safely wire a dolls house and where to start

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Battery Lights

Learn how to attach/remove and position these handy lights

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Lighting Product Guide

Not sure where to start? Take a look at our recommendations

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Lighting a Room

The best ways to make use of your dolls house lighting

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Building & Decorating


Learn the basics of decorating and building a dolls house

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Wallpapering Guide

Learn how to cut, stick and perfect wallpapering a dolls house

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Dolls House Bedding

Learn about the styles and use of miniature bedding

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Mini Mundus Kits

Learn how to assemble and decorate these kits step by step

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10 DIY Dollhouse Projects

10 Easy and inventive DIY miniatures

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Displaying Dolls houses

5 Tips on how to display and bring out the best in your dolls house

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Snow & Water effects

Create fluffy snow and rolling water effects

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Glues & Tools Guide

Answering which glue goes where, which tool does what!

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning a Dolls House

How To safely clean your dollhouse & miniatures

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Clock Batteries

Learn how to change a miniature working clock's battery

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Replacing Batteries

How to safely remove and replace batteries in miniatures

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DIY Hacks & Tricks

Top tips and tricks for keeping your dolls house perfect

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Other Guides & Reading

2023 Dollhouse Trends

Take a look at the styles taking 2023 by storm

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Most Expensive Dolls Houses

Light reading detailing the grandest and most costly dolls houses

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